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There is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth.

Out of touch much.

Posted: August 30th, 2011 | Author: christopher | Filed under: automobile, music | Tags: , | No Comments »

Kanye’s Head x KAWS

Posted: September 16th, 2009 | Author: christopher | Filed under: humor | Tags: , | No Comments »

Kanye’s outrageous behaviour isn’t the only thing garnering him attention this week, WWD is reporting that New York-based artist and designer KAWS designed the special Kieth Haring inspired hair etching the music artist was sporting at Sunday night’s VMA’s. Kanye reportedly wanted to honor New York City on the 8th anniversary of 9/11 by creating a mobile tribute to ’80’s Alphabet City era NYC not just with his hair but also by styling his entire outfit in that spirit, which featured a leather shirt, stone washed denim, and Army surplus-style boots.

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Call us haters.

Posted: September 14th, 2009 | Author: ninski | Filed under: humor | Tags: , , | No Comments »

Ninski: Okay Kanye’s lovely interruption at the VMA’s.

So absurd and rude that it made we wonder if it was staged. No one can be that out of it… Or? It certainly has people talking, or tweeting, or whatever. West is a real musical talent, and I admire that he’s trying to push things forward somewhat, as opposed to a J-zee, but come on now…

Christopher: Well, I personally think Jay has finally moved himself off the crack-rap finally and is rapping a little less about how much money he has and what kind of bubbly he drinks, but this is not about Jay, it’s about how big of a dick Kanye can be. It’s amazing how what probably is one of the most talented mainstream artist we have right now is so removed from reality that he thinks his hit-making ability gives him the right to act like a complete douche bag.

Ninski: Actually we are wasting our time talking about this grub- he’s loaded and he makes nice tunes… But he cannot purchase class, no matter how he tries. Who the hell drinks a bottle of booze (on sorry- Henny®) in public like that? Oh I see- its rebellious, cutting edge. My bad, its too high brow for moi.

Christopher: The funny thing is, I totally spaced and didn’t even watch the show last night. And I suppose the staged theory makes a lot of sense seeing how every year some ‘unplanned event’ occurs. I think Kanye needs to realize that there is a huge difference between the sort of twisted eccentricity of a MJ or Prince and going out and acting like an out-of-control off-the-rails fool with an addiction problem, see ODB.

Ninski: Self-promotion via the “car-crash” method. I like it- sophisticated and under the radar, with most just seeing an asshole barging in on someone’s acceptance speech.

Christopher: For someone who is such a student of pop culture it’s like he doesn’t realize that the way artists like MJ and Madonna and even Jay-Z built such long careers and became icons is by always acting as if ‘above the fray’ and aloof and keeping the media at an arm’s length. Be cool Kanye. The desperation is not becoming. It’s a shame because his talent is easily exceeds Jay’s but he may burn everyone out because of his antics.

Ninski: Oh no please don’t cool it Kanye. Continue. You are much more interesting as a train wreck. Maybe its all he has now (besides his genius for sneaker design)… Ahh this shouldn’t be newsworthy at all. It sort of semi-acceptable behaviour too. Plus all will be forgiven by the next album, and subsequent venture in bad-taste. Its what we do, its who we are, right? Kanye is such a big talent, and this seems to be matched by insatiable ego, driven by massive insecurity. Which I find… Puzzling. On another make or break note, has Marc Jacobs agreed yet to be leeched, I mean agreed to mentor Kanye in the high art of Couture?

Christopher: You’re right. This isn’t news. It’s just sad.

Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West - Supernova

Posted: July 1st, 2009 | Author: christopher | Filed under: music | Tags: , , | No Comments »

Truth be told I’m not sure I like the Kanye-ized Mr.Hudson, who seems to be minus the Library now. Mr.West sadly seems to have auto-tuned the English out of him. I will have to hear more from his upcoming album to adequately judge but I’m already missing the old Mr.Hudson (see below), who I’ve been waiting to release a new album for over two years now.

My Rant (part 01)

Posted: March 24th, 2009 | Author: ninski | Filed under: music, people | Tags: , , , , , , , , | 1 Comment »
"If that head got any bigger..."
I read an article on Kanye in Details- granted it was an article in Details, but still I was struck by how egotistical and annoying he is. Then I realized something - the guy - he is talented and rich and famous and living this jet-set life - this guy - he is extremely insecure. I mean he can’t help but talk endlessly about how great he is, how his album is awesome, how he can do just about anything (now setting his sights on fashion)…
Also his comments on “gays” as he calls them were hilarious and sounded painfully naive. Apparently he won’t socialize with them gays, but gee don’t you know they are a pretty creative bunch? He made it sound like Gay = creativity in the fashion industry. Wow, way to get your label on Kanye.
Silly man. According to his definition you (cTo) must be Gay too, maybe myself as well. Geez I know he has to make sure he doesn’t alienate his hip-hop boyz, who still cling to homophobia, but come on… its 2009 Kanye. People are people.
Blah, blah, thats it, just had to say that. I would be fucking happy and that’s that and shut the fuck up if I was him. Let the work speak for itself, let people realize its good, don’t try and drill it into their fucking heads with loud boasting and shit-talking. Oh and can this guy dig his head out of his ass for one second and realize the world DOES NOT revolve around him. Everything references him. A story wasn’t complete without talking about himself. Well who knows- maybe thats the level of ego and self-absorption that’s required to be a big success in life.

A style moment with Kanye West

Posted: January 25th, 2009 | Author: christopher | Filed under: style | Tags: | No Comments »

Kanye West obviously has style. But we are all subject to some missteps. I think it is especially pronounced when you have the freedom to buy and wear anything you choose as Kanye does. When you are restricted to a budget or access, it limits the mistakes because you have to take a little more consideration in what you invest in. That being said, I’m not such a fan of Kanye’s casual style these days. The ’80’s futuristic Thriller video reject look feels too contrived. Like he’s trying to recreate his memories of MJ from his childhood. I think his image is way more effective when he is dressed more formally. When dressed this way, there is just about nobody better at dressing up but still looking young and modern. This is the man that made Vanity Fair’s best dressed list.

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